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Understanding and Implementing Information Assurance in Facilities Portfolio Management and Enterprise Asset Management 

March 2024 | Nathaniel Sykes

Understanding the importance of information assurance and how it's implemented is crucial for facilities portfolio managers to safeguard their organizations' data and infrastructure. To that end, it's necessary to examine various aspects of information assurance and security to identify its significance in facilities portfolio management and strategic planning.

Maximizing Building Space Utilization: Calculating and Classifying Space 

December 2023 | Charles Saunders

Understanding and effectively utilizing space is a critical factor for facilities management teams across industries. Whether it’s office space, warehouse space, or data center space, accurately defining and classifying these areas is essential for optimal utilization.

Governance Best Practices: A Comprehensive Guide with R&K Solutions 

October 2023 | Multiple Authors

Governance is critical to the success of facilities management. But what does it mean to promote governance, and why is it pivotal?

 A Complete Guide to Property Portfolio Managmement

Initially Published February 2023, Updated October 2023 | Frank Quigley

Enterprise property portfolio management requires a substantial investment. The principal objective is to enhance the value of a company’s real estate assets with various tactics. This includes maximizing income via leasing and occupancy, curtailing expenditures through efficient management of maintenance and repairs, and pinpointing opportunities for property enhancements or renovations to increase value.