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Make more informed, strategic decisions about your facilities.

Healthcare systems across the U.S. are realizing the benefits of bringing facilities and real estate decisions into alignment with their business and medical strategies. R&K helps healthcare organizations to integrate information from various systems into a single location to eliminate data stove pipes and provide a more comprehensive view of their facilities portfolios.

Optimize your facilities portfolio based on your organizational and clinical goals.

Analytical studies of your data can help you to build plans for the future based on your actual organizational history, optimize your resource allocation, and prioritize your spending to maximize the impact of your budget. R&K's data analysts can help you to develop resource allocation strategies, identify resource choke points, establish or measure performance against key performance indicators (KPI) relevant to your individual organization.

Are you missing out on reimbursement funding? Be proactive, from healthcare reform to quality of care.

Reporting to The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is a time consuming, but critical process. R&K can help you to streamline this process by automatically generating reports that integrate relevant data from multiple systems and sources. GoRPM®, our Enterprise Software Solution for data driven decision-making, also provides a framework for standardizing your space classification to avoid missing reimbursable space in summaries so that you may maximize your reimbursements.

Access the data you need for informed decision making and audit response.

Access to an accurate space database is important for decision makers across an organization. GoRPM provides a powerful but easy-to-use framework for implementing best practices for space allocation and data management. Improving visualization of your information with maps, floor plans, and a variety of reports, GoRPM makes complex data easy to understand. GoRPM provides access to the data you need at the level of detail you want, from summary reports that roll up information at any level to printable views that put the space data that you need for The Joint Commission (TJC) at your fingertips during an audit.

Case Study: Strategic Planning for Facilities Management

Carilion Clinic maximized its return on investment by implementing GoRPM, R&K’s enterprise geospatial real and personal property software, as a comprehensive
and strategic facility planning solution. GoRPM enabled the large healthcare provider to more effectively manage its facilities operations, identify cost saving opportunities and inform its decision-making across the organization, providing value to all facilities stakeholders, from the technician in the field to the C-suite.

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