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Facility Assessments
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Critical Facilities Planning Information:

Accurate facilities budget and labor forecasts require an understanding of your current facilities environment. Regularly collecting this information through accurate assessment is key to a comprehensive, long-term facilities management program.

Collecting Facilities Data:

R&K has more than 35 years of experience managing, analyzing and reporting facilities data. Our comprehensive understanding of how the information will be used by stakeholders drives our design of the data collection practices and processes. For some contracts, facilities data has been collected or organized through field work by R&K personnel.

Evaluation and Cost Estimation:

Final facility data reports may include:

• Area, materials, floor plans and reported backlog of maintenance
• Life expectancy vs. installation date for capital renewal forecasting
• Client-generated condition ratings, calculated based on industry or client-specific standards (such as Facility Condition Index)
• Cost estimations based on industry or client-specific costing data (such as R.S. Means) for portfolio-level budgeting

If you are interested in developing a condition assessment, R&K can arrange to have one performed using either ASTM Standards or the University of Illinois/Civil Engineering Lab BUILDER™ SMS methods.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more? Take a quick look at Facility Condition Assessments from A to Z, an article published in APPA's Facilities Manager, where Senior Engineer and Master Code Professional, Frank Kaleba provides addition information.

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Contract Examples
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Carilion Clinic

R&K delivered a variety of services and software to regional healthcare organization, Carilion Clinic. This work enabled Carilion to make more effective use of real property and facilities information to improve operations and guide investment decisions. The on-going, multifaceted project consists of collecting and integrating real property data in GoRPM. Maps, floor plans, real property inventory, fire and life safety information, hazardous materials locations, energy data and capital planning data are consolidated in a single platform. Data collection includes producing as-built drawings of selected buildings using mobile CAD. R&K assessed the condition of approximately one million square feet of hospital and medical office buildings, and quantified and forecast costs for deferred maintenance and capital renewal. This information was used to produce a prioritized multi-year budget to assist in capital planning. Estimates are based on R.S. Means cost data and categorized according to Uniformat II Classifications. R&K also provides Carilion a Facilities Condition Index and Extend Facilities Condition Index as key performance indicators to aid in prioritizing resource allocations.

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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve (MARFORRES)

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve (MARFORRES)consists of four major subordinate commands comprising 280+ units at 180+ sites throughout the United States and Commonwealths. For MARFORRES, R&K provided

Development of concept/master plans; calculation of facility requirements based on force structure data

"Fence-to-fence" inventory and condition assessment of all real property assets occupied by MARFORRES at fully-owned/operated locations, or as installation tenants, or at Joint Armed Forces Centers tenant commands

Development of site maps, floor plans and space utilization studies

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Portfolio Inventory & Evaluation
Real Property Survey & Data Collection
Space Utilization & Requirement Analysis
Facility Budget Planning
Facility Assessments Services
Modeling, Forecasting & Predictive Analysis
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Financial Improvement Audit Readiness (FIAR)
System Analysis & Support
Software Development