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State & Local Government
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Do more with limited resources and make the most of your space.

Real Property is likely one of the largest investments your organization will make. Making the most of these assets requires maximizing utilization rates and operational efficiency to reduce waste and costs and enhance asset accountability.

With limited resources, optimizing the space that you have is critical. R&K can help you to maximize the assets that you have, create better workflow and even potentially reduce your real property footprint.

Share relevant information across all levels and departments.

Even institutions dedicated to sharing knowledge can struggle with internal communication, especially when it seems as though each department speaks a different language. Facilities management and leaders need to be able to communicate their requirements and the impacts of their funding levels to many different stakeholders. Place all your facilities information at your fingertips – and don’t let knowledge walk out the door when senior staff retires.

Bring all of your facilities data together and visualize it in one location.

Instead of spending countless hours pulling together reports from disparate systems, let R&K Solutions enable you to effortlessly access key metrics and relevant information that will make the decision making process a success.

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