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Portfolio Inventory
& Evaluation
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Real Property is one of the largest investments your organization will make.

For over 35 years, R&K Solutions unparalleled expertise has enabled our clients to develop and maintain an accurate real property inventory with data organized and displayed in a clear and usable format. Valid real property data allows critical analysis and decision-making to maximize facility utilization rates and derive the best value from scarce resources. From office buildings to parking lots, to cable vaults and pump stations, R&K has the knowledge and systems to identify, classify and analyze your real property.

Inventory is more than just counting.

Raw numbers are just a start. Over time, property acquisitions, modifications and disposals can render baseline information obsolete. Outdated or inadequate inventory is easily remedied and the cost can be recouped many times over with a clearer basis for future decisions. R&K collects the data from on-site surveys and existing records, verifies and corrects all supporting documentation, then consolidates and presents real property details in a format designed for easy use at all levels.

Based on results from a site survey, R&K can update databases and property records, and establish an effective real property inventory system. An accurate and readily accessible inventory can justify maintenance and sustainment budgets, acquisitions and disposals, and efficient space utilization.

R&K is a leader in conducting real property inventory surveys, validating supporting documentation and establishing inventory management systems.

R&K is a leader in conducting real property inventory surveys, validating supporting documentation and establishing inventory management systems. Whether you're a regional property management firm, a nationwide retailer, a university or community college, having an accurate inventory of real property is essential for describing leasable square footage, determining depreciation expense, proving ownership history, or justifying a budget request. R&K Solutions has the knowhow and tools necessary for accurately inventorying, recording and valuing your real property.

R&K provides similar services to federal organizations which operate leased or owned properties world-wide, containing a variety of office, industrial and utility features. R&K was selected to inventory real property at hundreds of locations, including tracing deed transfer history, capital improvements, disposals and valuation.

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Contract Examples
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Real Property Management Support for Washington Headquarters Service (WHS)

R&K provides onsite technical and subject matter expertise in establishing policies and procedures for real property management and maintaining a Real Property Inventory (RPI). Responsibilities include maintaining auditable documentation and maintenance for inventory entries and developing condition ratings. R&K also forecasting sustainment and operations requirements and analyzes the facility degradation impact resulting from less than full funding. In compliance with the Chief Financial Officer's Act (CFOA), R&K develops and validates data requirements to successfully report accurate financial statements.

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Defense Health Agency (DHA)

R&K reviews, analyzes and updates the DHA inventory database, and provides an accurate assessment of DHA properties to include property discrepancies reports. Reconciled data comes from websites, existing and new Department of Defense databases, the real property inventories of the three Military Departments and the DHA internal inventory. Additionally, R&K maintains and reports all critical infrastructure information to the DoD components as well as validates, reconciles and reports on construction and demolition/disposal of real property.

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National Guard Bureau (NGB)

R&K ensures appropriate accountability for facilities in all fifty states, three territories and the District of Columbia. Services include policy, guidance, training, analysis, customer support and continuous data and documentation monitoring through quality control, and improvement. R&K integrates real property inventory, facility assessments and facility requirements into a comprehensive view of facility needs. Through training and direct customer support, R&K's mastery of the inter-dependencies, data sharing/transfers and relationships among multiple real property accountability systems (PRIDE, HQIIS, EDW, ISR, ASIP and RPLANS) ensures an accurate, comprehensive inventory.

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Portfolio Inventory & Evaluation
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