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Since 1984, R&K Solutions has built a strong reputation for quality within a wide range of professional services.

Analysis of Facility and Component Costs

R&K incorporates industry cost standards, service-provided data, private sector references, and custom development of individual cost models based on facility components and use to support programming of resource requirements for real property sustainment and restoration.

Facility Budget Planning

Customized Modeling and Prioritization

Using proven parametric models and analytical techniques, R&K provides quantitative support for consistent, defensible decisions. Results help identify future requirements, enhance budget planning, improve risk assessment, identify cost saving opportunities and predict future requirements to optimize resource allocation.

Modeling, Forecasting and Predictive Analysis


Collaborating closely with clients, R&K translates policies and projections to offer sustainable solutions for maximizing usability of real property on all scales.

Real Property Survey and Data Collection
Facility Assessment
Space Utilization and Requirements Analysis
GIS and CAD Services

Data Analytics

R&K experts developed processes for aggregating real property classifications into logical groupings for master planning and for estimating construction costs that allow more efficient data consolidation. Our subject matter experts design the most logical presentation and search options for enhanced usability.

Data Management
Data Visualization
Data Analysis
Business Intelligence 

Accurate Inventories and Supporting Documentation

Using professional mobile technology and time tested survey methodologies to record, verify and correct inventories, R&K offers an accurate and detailed facility inventory to build justifiable and defensible budget requests for facility sustainment and restoration. R&K knows the supporting documentation requirements to support the real property data and how to obtain such documentation.

Portfolio Inventory and Validation
Financial Improvement Audit Readiness (FIAR)

Software Development and Customization

R&K pioneered the application of IT approaches to improve usability of real property data. Knowledgeable design and development of outcome-specific programs leads to better visibility of assets, and transparency in the factors which lead to smart decision-making. Our GoRPM software is an Enterprise Solution which offers a single platform for all your critical real property information.

Systems Analysis and Support
Software Development
GoRPM Geospatial Real Property Management