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Commercial Real Estate
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Know what you have before you make allocation decisions.

An accurate real property inventory is the basis of any strong plan for reducing real property expenditures.

To make intelligent decisions regarding your real property assets, you need accurate and accessible Real Property Inventory (RPI) data. Over time, property acquisitions, modifications and disposals can render baseline information obsolete. These changes may impact your financial planning for the sustainment of these assets without you realizing it.

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Maintain mission readiness with limited resources and make the most of your space.

Real Property is one of the largest investments your organization will make. Making the most of these assets requires maximizing utilization rates and operational efficiency to reduce waste and costs and enhance asset accountability.

With limited resources, optimizing the space that you have is critical. R&K can help you to maximize the assets that you have, create better workflow and even potentially reduce your real property footprint.