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Campus facilities matter to all stakeholders. Increase recruitment appeal to students, faculty and staff.

When a student walks onto campus for the first time, it’s important to make a good impression. Most faculty members don’t appreciate water leaks or sporadic heating and cooling distracting from their instructional time. Facilities staff would be far more effective spending less time compiling reports and more time focusing on the deferred maintenance backlog.

Leverage your facilities to enhance the experience of all of your stakeholders.

R&K Solutions can help you to make the most of the facilities that you have, as well as develop a comprehensive, data-driven plan for the future.

Share relevant information across all levels and departments.

Even institutions dedicated to sharing knowledge can struggle with internal communication, especially when it seems as though each department speaks a different language. Facilities management and leaders need to be able to communicate their requirements and the impacts of funding levels to many different stakeholders. Sometimes, it’s the VP of Finance and Administration who needs to see a high-level overview of various funding scenarios, at a glance. Sometimes, it’s the facility manager who needs to identify vacant space for reallocation or determine how much funding will be required for maintenance and repair in upcoming years. In every case, as resources continue to tighten, understanding how effective facilities management can dramatically reduce the expenditures required to sustain facilities assets is critical.

Clearly explain the savings that you can realize through effective facilities management.

R&K Solutions has spent over 35 years helping organizations to improve the accuracy of their facilities data and analyze it. Insight into your facilities data can save millions of dollars over just a few years when used to streamline facilities management processes, identify anomalies, and address costly facilities issues early. R&K can help you to develop key metrics, monitor your data and progress, and quickly access relevant information instead of spending hours pulling together the reports necessary to guide strategic decision-making and to demonstrate success.

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