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R&K Solutions congratulates employee-owner Jessica Jellish for earning the R&K Committed & Engaged Owner Award.

On behalf of the employee-owners at R&K Solutions, we congratulate employee-owner Jessica Jellish for earning the R&K Committed & Engaged Owner Award.

Jessica showed superior performance of her duties in responding quickly to the urgent task to identify all sites, streets, and memorials named after Confederate Generals, Native Americans, and African Americans for R&K’s client, the Army National Guard.  Jessica’s efforts in creating an efficient data call, coordinating with 54 states and territories, and compiling and validating the data for site names, streets, monuments, and memorials was impressive in view of the short time frame, complexity of the problem, and extreme coordination requirements. 

Stemming from Congressional direction and the Army National Guard’s appointment to the Renaming Commission, this requirement had tremendously high stakes and intense visibility for our client. Jessica’s success delivered exceptional value and greatly improved the credibility of our immediate client to the Army National Guard leadership, as well as enhancing the reputation of the entire Army National Guard in the eyes of the Congressionally-mandated Renaming Commission. Jessica’s actions brought substantial good will, superlatively enhanced reputation, and lasting positive impression to the R&K Solutions’ team and clearly proved Jessica as a Committed & Engaged Owner.

R&K Solutions thanks employee-owner Jessica Jellish for her perseverance and her wonderful representation of our company.

CEO JessicaJellish

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