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The ongoing partnership between R&K Solutions and Esri has taken another step forward with R&K’s addition to the Esri ArcGIS Indoors Specialty program. 

October 17, 2019 - R&K Solutions is pleased to announce its selection by Esri for its ArcGIS Indoors Specialty Partner Program. Esri recognized R&K for its knowledge and expertise in indoor mapping, location analytics and implementation of solutions and services using ArcGIS Indoors. R&K is ready to assist clients through the field creation of CAD floor plans, CAD to GIS conversion services and implementation of ArcGIS Indoors. ArcGIS Indoor empowers organizations by providing workplace-wide access to curated indoor maps, resulting in improved operations and mobility. R&K is also an Esri Gold Partner, a member of Esri’s Federal Small Business Specialty Partner Program and is featured prominently among Esri’s Facilities Partners and Solutions.

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About R&K Solutions:

R&K Solutions is a recognized leader in facilities and real property management solutions. Founded in 1984, R&K is an employee-owned company that has been delivering solutions to overcome the challenges of facilities portfolio management.


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