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R&K Solutions, the leader in real property, facilities services, data collection and software solutions, is proud to announce that GoRPM has achieved “FedRAMP In Process” status.

Roanoke, VA | October 31, 2018: R&K Solutions' Enterprise Geospatial Real Property Management (GoRPM) Software as a Service solution has achieved "In Process" status with the U.S. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), the final step before GoRPM receives final authorization. GoRPM can be found on the FedRAMP Marketplace.

An "In Process" designation indicates that the R&K team is actively working on the documentation required to achieve a FedRAMP Authorization for GoRPM. R&K is reviewing the documentation with the intent to provide an ATO (Authority to Operate) that meets the FedRAMP requirements. 

GoRPM empowers organizations to collect, aggregate, analyze, manage and understand their real property, personal property, and facilities investments. GoRPM enables organizations to overcome the challenges of facilities portfolio management by enabling data-driven decision making. These areas include asset inventory, strategic movement of assets, space utilization, condition assessment, sustainability, cost analysis and budget planning forecasting. This SaaS solution is highly configurable and can be quickly implemented and scaled to meet the needs of government agencies.

About FedRAMP

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a U.S. government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. R&K Solutions adheres to this set of standards. This program helps agencies migrate data to the cloud with improved security. FedRAMP Ready testing was conducted by a FedRAMP accredited Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) and completed in early 2018, GoRPM was designated "FedRAMP Ready" in June of 2018

“The ability to integrate all of your existing facilities data into one system, a system you can also use directly to collect data, is powerful. Being able to then model and visualize that data without needing separate analytical or viewing platform allows portfolio managers to make decisions quickly and accurately, which is always important but becomes critical during times when budgets are tight." – Representative of R&K Solutions


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