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The presentation will discuss how facilities maintenance modeling can be used to develop a parametric cost estimate for a facility and to improve facilities maintenance, the facilities budgeting process, and financial performance on a major university campus.

Mr. Frank Kaleba, PE and Mr. Van Dobson, PE offer a joint presentation on Facilities Maintenance Modeling on Wednesday, March 5th 2014, at the National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) Conference/Exposition at the Baltimore Convention Center.  The presentation covers how maintenance and repair (M&R) modeling can be used to develop a parametric cost estimate for a facility and to improve the facilities budgeting process. Other results, such as the identification of cost variation over time and focusing maintenance planning on significant claims on reserve accounts, will also be discussed.

The workshop content draws from R&K Solutions' experience in the preparation facility life cycle models for the Department of Defense since 2000.  These models are the cornerstone of facilities programs and budgets for over 600,000 buildings, structures and utilities worldwide for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.  With an annual facilities requirement of over $10 billion, the Department of Defense has come to rely upon the R&K Solutions models as a dependable and objective basis on which to base their budget requests to the Congress.

Workshop attendees learn how life cycle models are developed and how they can be applied to improve facilities maintenance and financial performance on a major university campus.  Mr. Kaleba, PE, is a senior engineer in the Alexandria office of R&K Solutions.  Mr. Dobson is Associate Vice President of Facilities Services and Campus Planning at Lehigh University.

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R&K delivers professional services and software empowering clients to achieve business and mission goals through improved facilities portfolio management. Founded in 1984, R&K is an employee owned company that delivers solutions that support clients in overcoming the challenges of facilities portfolio management, such as capital investment, space utilization, master planning and cost analysis.