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Space Utilization & Requirements Analysis

Do you need a more efficient way to use your organization's space?

With today’s soaring costs for real estate property acquisition and maintenance, it can pay big dividends to improve control over your facility expenses through accurate space requirements analysis and utilization improvements. Before looking for more space to meet your organization’s needs, it is important to effectively and efficiently use the space you already have. Do you have enough? Can you consolidate to reduce your facilities footprint? Can facilities be repurposed to a higher value use?

Benefits our customers have realized:

  • Recognition of space requirements not accounted for in standardized space allocation formulas or allowances
  • Reduced construction and land acquisition budget requirements through improved facility utilization rates
  • Increased production or mission capacity
  • Improved operational efficiencies by rearranging similar personnel and functional spaces

Using our proven methodology, R&K can develop recommendations to better utilize your facilities. Our experienced field teams can evaluate your facility requirements and provide   guidance to realize maximum efficiencies and value from your space inventory.

Space utilization and requirements analysis combine the evaluation of existing facilities with the projected staffing and appropriate guidelines for space use per employee. The analysis contributes to an overall understanding of the efficiency of various facility use options.

R&K Contract Examples:

The U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) consists of four major subordinate commands comprising 280+ units at 180+ sites throughout the United States and Commonwealths. For MARFORRES, R&K provided

  • Development of concept/master plans; calculation of facility requirements based on force structure data

  • “Fence-to-fence” inventory and condition assessment of all real property assets occupied by MARFORRES at fully-owned/operated locations, or as installation tenants, or at Joint Armed Forces Centers tenant commands.

  • Development of site maps, floor plans, space utilization studies

For Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, Florida, R&K validated existing assets, developed as-built floor plans and developed a Master Plan for the platform transition from P-3 Orion aircraft to the P-8A Poseidon platform.  R&K was also contracted to complete several other planning related tasks including an update to the Short Range and Long Range Master Plans (a.k.a. Installation Development Plan (ISP); update of the Installation Appearance Plan (IAP); development of a Traffic Study and installation-wide Parking Analysis; the creation of a Space Utilization Tool; and updates to the base’s INFADS Real Property Records.