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Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

CAD Services
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R&K helps organizations collect accurate CAD data to be used to capture granular information for many aspects of facilities management:

• Real property
• Site information
• Space management
• Life safety
• Hazardous materials
• Emergency preparedness

R&K employs the latest in CAD technologies to support clients in collecting and maintaining up-to-date digital drawings. Our highly skilled professionals use cutting edge Mobile CAD in combination with Bluetooth Laser Distometers to quickly produce accurate as-built floor plans in the field. R&K can additionally collect for standard and for user-defined attributes while creating the as-builts.

CAD solutions tailored to meet your needs

R&K adapts its services to produce the Object-Based CAD or Line-Based CAD format and the level of detail desired by clients, including Three-Dimensional CAD. R&K can help to improve the quality of your CAD and related processes, and provide guidance in implementing Version Control. Version Control ensures data integrity by eliminating extraneous and potentially confusing copies of files while also supporting accountability in team environments through a history of ownership. R&K applies its expertise to provide training in best practices and use of various CAD platforms.

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Recognized industry standards to produce reliable data
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Standards provide a common language for communicating, analyzing, reporting and exchanging information. They are also a key for reliable, consistent data and processes. From working in federal, state, higher education and commercial markets, R&K possesses expertise in numerous industry standards. As a result, R&K can adopt your standards or recommend standards to meet your needs as illustrated below:

  • United State National CAD Standard

  • Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA) Space Measurements

  • Space Classifications

- Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE)
- The Post-secondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM)

Harness the full potential of your CAD with GIS

R&K offers CAD to GIS Conversion services enabling clients to enhance CAD drawings with geographic maps and features, and background imagery. Once placed in GIS format, site plans and floor plans can be leveraged in GIS solutions, which may include GoRPM®, R&K’s enterprise geospatial real and personal property management software. R&K can additionally use information from your CAD drawings to support services such as real property inventory validation and master planning.

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