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Your Billion Dollar Quote

Gary Calese | September 18th, 2017     

     This past spring, R&K Solutions was once again trusted to calculate the Department of Defense budgetary requirement to maintain all of its real property assets. According to AssetInsights, the Facilities Sustainment Model is used to determine the appropriate amount of resource allocation for maintenance and repairs to keep assets within a facility in acceptable working order over the established service life. The FSM does not include restoration, modernization, environmental compliance, preservation or costs related to acts of God, which are funded elsewhere.

     This past version of the FSM calculated $16.1 Billion in annual projected necessary preventive maintenance and repairs for its inventory of over 800,000 real property assets. Additionally, R&K Solutions is trusted to design the replacement unit costs for all Department of Defense real property. This modeling effort generated a total replacement value for the Department of Defense assets of $1.1 Trillion.

     R&K Solutions has been trusted for nearly 20 years to provide these critical budgetary references. Our process of integrating government, military, and commercial cost sources provides a unique ability to accurately model over 450 types of constructed assets for the Department. 

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