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ArcGIS Indoors

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R&K Solutions' Repeatable ArcGIS Indoors Implementation Services

Graphic of R and K's ArcGIS Indoors Implementation Services. 1: Collect and create floor plans, 2: Configure CAD into acceptable formats, 3: Convert CAD to ArcGIS Indoors Information Model, 4: Create map services and network services, 5: Publish services and application
Image of a 3D point cloud scanner with an R and K employee holding a tablet

Collect and Create Floor Plans

The R&K Solutions experts collect and create data and floor plans up to 50% faster than traditional surveys. R&K provides services to:

  • Scan facilities using LiDAR to collect point cloud data for modeling, and/or create floor plans and features using Mobile CAD with laser distance meters.

  • Perform field data collection and validation on your organization's facilities to gather all necessary information, such as: walls, windows, doors, case work, furniture, fixtures, equipment, cubicles, and more.

  • Gather attribute information, such as: site number, building number, floor number, room number, square footage, room name, flooring material, ceiling material, photos, and more.

BIM, CAD file, 2D and 3D floor plan of R and K building


Our team supports a multitude of capabilities. R&K provides services to:

  • Utilize and import a variety of floor plans such as 2D/3D CAD files, BIM/Revit, and point cloud data received by clients.

  • Prepare or create CAD/BIM data to correctly convert into GIS models.

  • Configure space types for optimal network routing.

Screenshots of an excel spreadsheet and an ArcPro dashboard, creating an indoors geodatabase

Create an Indoors Geodatabase

R&K Solutions works with the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model (AIIM) to provide a user interface between your organization's users and data. The AIIM is expansive, going beyond displaying Real Property Information. You can show users anything from life safety and security information to where they can buy their next cup of coffee.

  • Add custom attributes, such as:

    • Buildings

    • Office Cubicles

    • Exits

    • Fire Life Safety and more.

Screenshot from FME (feature manipulation engine)

CAD to GIS Conversion

We have the expertise to guide CAD and/or GIS departments [or clients] through the ArcGIS Indoors CAD conversion tools.

R&K utilizes our industry-known tools to convert any type of CAD information into an acceptable format for the AIIM.

Screenshot of ArcPro with an ArcGIS Indoors floor plan

Configuration in ArcGIS Pro

R&K Solutions experts configure ArcGIS Indoors to show a variety of facility information. R&K works with clients to create a custom User Interface specific to the needs of the individual application.

Screenshot of ArcPro with an ArcGIS Indoors routed floor plan

Network Deployment

As part of the Indoors data model, R&K Solutions builds a Network Data Set that allows the user to view directions to guide them from one area of a facility to another, including the ability to travel across campus.

From a security standpoint, we have the ability to delineate dead zones or restricted areas and determine access to those areas depending on the user roles, such as public access areas vs. employee accessible areas.

Screenshot of ArcGIS Indoors Dashboard with 3D route

Route Across Floors

ArcGIS Indoors has the ability to route from floor to floor, even configuring the abilities of the individual's capabilities, such as wheelchair accessibility, in order to select the best route for the individual.

Screenshot of ArcGIS Indoors 2D building footprint

View Information in ArcGIS Indoors

Once your data is inside the ArcGIS Indoors platform, you can display information at facility level, floor level, and/or room level:

  • Gross Square Footage

  • Absolute Elevation/Height

  • Building Name

  • Building Stories

  • Building Address

  • Employee Name

  • Room Usage

Screenshot of ArcGIS Indoors with detailed floor plan and route

View Detailed Information in ArcGIS Indoors

View real-time indoor location information for easy navigation and management. Find assets, places, people, and amenities, and provide turn-by-turn directions on how to get there. ArcGIS Indoors allows visualization of location data on a digital 2D or 3D floor-aware workplace map.

Visualize your organization's spatial data, like location, people, places and things, on a digital 2D or 3D floor-aware workplace map.
Report facility issues, perform and track inspections, and locate work order information to keep operations running smoothly.
Build route evacuation maps, track security personnel, and protect important assets.