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Visualization of Results

Quickly understand your data without sifting through piles of spreadsheets

From maps and color-coded floor plans to graphs and custom reports, choose how you want to display your data so that you can easily interpret and explain it.

  • Badges and layers provide instant views of facilities data.
  • Dashboards and key performance indicators provide important information at a glance.
  • Seamless map and floor plan integration provide an intuitive way to display and navigate your facilities data.
  • Flexible reporting provides an easy way to see relevant, current information.

Details are accessible when you need them — and out of the way when you don't

From the CFO to the Facility Manager, GoRPM provides a way for users of all levels to access the information relevant to their business decisions.

  • See high-level summaries of important information about your facilities portfolio.
  • Drill-down through the map, or navigate and search in a structure based on your own organizational structure and processes, for in-depth facilities information.

Condition Badges