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Improve energy conservation efforts with energy accounting

With energy costs on the rise and sustainability initiatives increasing in importance, a method of consistently tracking and analyzing energy and utilities data becomes critical. 


  • Early detection of energy inefficiencies
  • Consistent business process for capturing energy consumption
  • View facility planning information (e.g. when roof is replaced, use roof suited for solar panels)
  • Baseline for budget forecasting

Trend Analysis

  • Roll up and compare data in reports and charts
  • Visualize key performance indicators on a map
  • Flag excessive variances between months or years
  • View potential sources of variance, such as condition (HVAC, roof, etc.) or usage by tenant
  • Track cost impact of modifications/initiatives with easy comparisons to historical data

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Integration

  • Exchange building information with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • View energy performance metrics from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager in GoRPM

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Learn More About Energy Solutions in GoRPM

Get a more detailed view of the energy tracking and analysis functionality in GoRPM with this one-page overview.

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